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by: Jon Thompson Welcome to Deliverance—a theological and experiential journey in dealing with evil so people can be set free to live as Jesus promised. $ 30.12 - BUY BOOK



We as Christians are the only ones on earth that can help our neighbour when it comes to supernatural evil. Do you really believe this, really? I think most of us intellectually would say yes but what do we do? Honestly, many of us are afraid and feel out of our depth. Others of us have tried and are frustrated and have seen things go so wrong and many people have been hurt. How do we help people? What does the Bible really say? How did Christians deal with this in many cultures for over 2000 years? Where are the lines between sin, the demonic, mental illness, and cultural bias?
Do we really even need this conversation?
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Well, this book is the 20+ year journey of one pastor and one church trying to help desperate people and remain rooted at the same time. We work through the Scriptures, we look at church history, we evaluate the 5 major models that have been and are called upon, we talk about authority and spiritual gifts, and outline where we have landed. We talk about what is universally applicable and what must be changed on the ground in different churches and cultures. Does this book have all the answers? No. Have I made mistakes? Oh yes. Are we still adapting, learning, and growing? Everyday. We have seen hundreds of people be set free and live the life Jesus promises in John 10:10a. Why read this book no matter your history, theology, bias, pain, or ignorance? Because people all around you, and maybe even you, need to be set free.
Welcome to Deliverance.
“Deliverance ministry in an age where everything is entertainment must resist the temptation to make a show out of the work of setting people free.”


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Foreword by John Mark Comer


Rediscovering the Obvious
An Old Testament and Beyond View of the Demonic
The Synoptic Gospels and Deliverance
The Gospel According to Saint Mark
The Gospel According to Saint Matthew and Saint Luke
Acts of the Apostles and Deliverance
How the Epistles Focus on Deliverance
History of Deliverance Ministry (part 1)
History of Deliverance Ministry (part 2)
Foundations of Our Matrix
The Truth Model and Power Model
The Liturgical Power Encounter Model
The Deep Healing Deliverance Model
Before Our Model—The Discovery of Convergence
Applied Convergence
The Challenge of Demonic Access
Our Unfolding Model


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“Jon Thompson has become a leading voice on deliverance ministry, especially those of us facing a rise in demonic manifestations in secular cities. Jon has been beyond helpful—wise, experienced, thoughtful, biblical, and deeply prophetic.”

John Mark Comer

Pastor of Bridgetown Church and author of The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
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“Following on the heels of his dynamite Convergence, Jon Thompson now tackles the huge issue of deliverance. I have read a lot on this subject throughout the fifty years I have been in ministry, but nothing is as comprehensive, as Biblically and theologically thorough, and as practically accessible as Deliverance. Bible-book by Bible-book, Jon leads us through the truth about the ministry of deliverance. And then step-by-step, Jon walks us into the nitty-gritty dynamics of such ministry in the local church. Would that this book had been available the last few decades. Thank God it is available now!”

Darrell Johnson

Teaching Fellow at Regent College and author of Discipleship on the Edge and The Glory of Preaching
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“This is an amazing resource around topics many would rather avoid but which is as real as anything else we face today in ministry. Jon has done a great job laying out the theological/biblical teachings on the demonic and spiritual realm and the practical/pragmatic realities from years of actual on-the-ground practical ministry. This book will serve you so well as a Christian, a leader, or just someone interested in this extremely important topic.”

Mark Clark

Senior Pastor of Village Church and author of The Problem of God and The Problem of Jesus
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“Deliverance is a groundbreaking book in the field of Spiritual Warfare. I can’t think of any other book like it. Jon uniquely blends excellent Biblical Theology, Church History, and extremely practical case studies that he’s gathered throughout his vast ministry experience. This book has been personally helpful to me as I seek to equip people in my own context to minister to those in spiritual bondage. I highly recommended it.”

Felipe Assis

Senior Pastor of Crossbridge Church and Co-Director of City to City North American
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“Deliverance is the new textbook for conservative AND charismatic pastors, churches and believers whose eyes are open to the spiritual and demonic realities around them. Jon combines accurate and comprehensive research alongside real life experiences, personal and ministry that bring a unique credibility to a controversial tension in the body of Christ. His exploration of current deliverance positions and models is extremely helpful—you will find yourself in one of them. Then, Jon explains the strengths Sanctus Church has synthesized into their model. This book will inspire you, challenge you and hopefully move you to register for Sanctus Church’s additional training and network mentorship. I only wish I’d read it twenty years ago.”

Ken Dyck

Founder and Executive Director of Freedom Session International
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“Deliverance is a game-changing book. It is guidance to those who want to be more strategic in spiritual warfare. It is a roadmap to those who don’t know where to begin. Having watched some of this story unfold in real-time, I know that Jon’s masterful telling of this deeply personal story will teach, encourage, and challenge you. I am thrilled for the Church that this book is here, now. The ministry that has grown out of what you’re about to read is as wild, miraculous, beautiful and life-giving as you hope it is! Lives changed, people set free, churches learning to stand in their authority, spiritual gifts developed, sins confessed, chains broken, and oh my goodness is the love of God there. Rise up, Church. Buckle up, Reader. Let’s see the captives set free in Jesus’ Name.”

Nathalie Wylie

Prayer Pastor at Sanctus Church


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The Background of this book and Sanctus Church’s Current Model around deliverance is rooted in Convergence. Jesus is not just our Saviour and Lord but also our Model. Jesus showed us how to use the disciplines as well as the gifts. If he used them at the centre of his ministry then each local church should emphasize and encourage spiritual disciplines and also help people recognize and identify spiritual gifts. Convergence provides an important background for the specific ministry we are looking at in this book and will be described in detail in the pages to come. Deliverance is Convergence applied in one area of ministry.

Jon Thompson

Pastor, Author, Family Man

Jon Thompson is the Senior Pastor of Sanctus Church, a multi-site church of over 3,000 people in the Greater Toronto Area where he has been on staff for more than 20 years. Under Jon’s leadership, Sanctus is characterized by dynamic Biblical teaching, vibrant community groups, compelling media, and powerful worship. Jon has a Master of Theological Studies from Tyndale Seminary and a Doctorate of Missiology from Fuller Seminary.

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“The crucial battle has been won at the cross and the eventual victory is assured, but in the meantime, the battle is real.”
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